Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prom is fast approaching!

Hi everyone! Sorry for again being MIA. I have been busy lately. Surprisingly. I've got several projects on my plate. One of which is going back to the gym. Haha! It's a new year, time for a new start yet again. :p

So how's everyone been doing? Going back to the gym is quite tiring. First, it's been months since I last went so my body is always sore after hitting the gym. I love joining aero classes because it's not as boring as doing treadmill. Haha! Don't you think so? :p Of course, I know I also have to diet. Ulk! That's what hurts me the most since I so love to eat. Haha! :p But yeah, cutting down carbs and trying a new lifestyle would be good. But I still suggest doing it gradually. So like me, I'm trying not to go back to my old habit, crash dieting.

On to another project... prom is fast approaching. So here's a flyer I created for my services. :) Do click on the photo to zoom in.

Hopefully, I could still find time adding more and more entries here. :) I do apologize for not being able to post all the time. But I'm sure you understand. ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MIA yet again

I know.... Just having a short vacation. :) I'll be back soon!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Time for a restaurant tripping! :)

We went to this place because of O begging for their Brazo de Mercedes cake. :p The week before, we already went here for a slice of Brazo and some gelato. I'm talking about none other than Amici.

We have tried this restaurant a year ago in their Makati branch (Pasong Tamo). We found it hard to go to because there was no parking area. So when it opened in Megamall, we were really so psyched!

Here are some photos of their interior:

The pastry area:

Here's our number! Ready for our meal!!! :)

So on to our orders:

First stop is the Mozarella Fritto: (P150.00)
O loves Fried Mozarellas and this did not disappoint. At first I thought "just 3?" But when we finished our meal, the quantity was just right.

My order, Lasagna: (P195.00)
Yummy yummy bread and the lasagna was so cheezy! Really really yummy!!! :) I was also able to taste the pasta very well. The whole dish was fresh. However, it was a bit flat compared to that of -ba--o, which is another favorite Italian restaurant of mine. But this was good, really good.

O's Spinach Montanara: (P195.00)
I was also able to try this, I loved it as well. It was so tasty! The sauce was great. Very meaty and cheezy. The pasta was good too. According to O, this dish was so so so filling! And actually it looked like it. It was a big dish. :p

Of course, to finish our meal is our dessert, O's favorite here in Amici, Brazo de Mercedes: (P45.00/slice)
What I love about this is it's big. I took another photo below just to show you how thick 1 slice is. :) The white part was so fluffy and really really tasty, and of course, let's not forget the good part, the yellow part, which is made of egg yolks. It's impossible for you not to stop and enjoy the dessert with this. :p

Another round of Amici? Sure why not! We will definitely go back. The price was so so reasonable, compared to other Italian restaurants. They have branches in Makati, Ortigas and Tomas Morato, so it's convenient to go to. They serve big dishes. The staff are friendly. The gelato's so yummy and cheap too. Only P45 per scoop. More power to Amici! :)

Unit 310-311 EF Mega Atrium,
SM Megamall, EDSA Mandaluyong City

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Contouring & Favorite Blush

Posting a candid photo of myself might be a little vain... o_O Haha! But I just wanted to share something that I noticed as I was browsing photos from our party at home.

This was taken by Hilda Bonnevie, our official photographer. :) I was sporting a very natural look (since it was just a house party at our place). I'm holding a calendar to be raffled off. Haha! Anyway, as I looked at the photo, I noticed how lovely my cheeks were. I loved my contour which brought shape to my chubby chubby cheeks and the color of my blush, my gosh! Perfect! :)

So on to my FOTD: (You may click on the photo for a larger view of the picture. Eeep!!!! Just to see my cheeks that is. Haha!)

Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream
Dream Minerals Foundation in Charlene
Monave Buttercup Lidwash
Fanny Serrano 2 way foundation in Almond
Dream Minerals Blush in Cupid

Nichido Eyeliner in Black
Winc Instant Lash Duo Mascara
In2It Eyebrow Powder

For my contour, I used Fanny Serrano 2-way foundation in Almond and used my Suesh 21's angeled brush. I use this product all the time for contouring. It's about 1-2 shades darker than my skin tone which is perfect for contouring.

(Sorry I haven't taken a photo of the product yet. Hopefully I'll remember to do so soon. :))

For my blush: (My current favorite blush if I may add!) I used Dream Minerals Cupid. It gives that sunkissed look that works very well for me, and for other morenas too, I'm so sure! :) I'm currently liking the bronzed look now than the pinkish blushes. But I have both since I know it just depends on your preference and mood. :)

So there. :) How about you? Any current favorite blushes? How do you contour? Or do you do so? :)

Welcome 2009


Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009! 2008 was wonderful. There were a lot of new things and changes that has happened to me, not all were good, but then again, they were changes. I do hope that 2009 is better, not only for myself, but for everyone.
It's quite bittersweet to say goodbye to 2008 because I have a lot of great memories. I pursued something that I love doing, new adventures, new friends, I've learned a lot last year. And now, I think I'm ready to face 2009 with my head held up high. :)
2009 is definitely a new chapter of my book and I look forward to it. There'll be more challenges along the way, but I'm sure there'll be more accomplishments as well.
So thank you to 2008 for making me stronger, wiser. And HELLO 2009! :)