Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prom is fast approaching!

Hi everyone! Sorry for again being MIA. I have been busy lately. Surprisingly. I've got several projects on my plate. One of which is going back to the gym. Haha! It's a new year, time for a new start yet again. :p

So how's everyone been doing? Going back to the gym is quite tiring. First, it's been months since I last went so my body is always sore after hitting the gym. I love joining aero classes because it's not as boring as doing treadmill. Haha! Don't you think so? :p Of course, I know I also have to diet. Ulk! That's what hurts me the most since I so love to eat. Haha! :p But yeah, cutting down carbs and trying a new lifestyle would be good. But I still suggest doing it gradually. So like me, I'm trying not to go back to my old habit, crash dieting.

On to another project... prom is fast approaching. So here's a flyer I created for my services. :) Do click on the photo to zoom in.

Hopefully, I could still find time adding more and more entries here. :) I do apologize for not being able to post all the time. But I'm sure you understand. ;)

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Askmewhats said...

yay for gym and goodluck with the prom specials :) I'm sure you'll make the youngsters pretty